Los Angeles Catering

Element 29 offers the best in deli catering. We are proud of every sandwich we make and the years of experience that went into getting the flavor profiles just right. Whether you are looking for light sandwiches like our famous Caesar, a BBQ variety like our Brisket Melt or Texan, or traditional deli sandwiches like pastrami, corn beef, or turkey, we can do it all.

For catering inquiries please contact Jeff at (323) 325-3906 

Business Catering

Los Angeles traffic might be stop and go, but Los Angeles business is all go. That’s why we have worked with countless businesses from top corporations to mom and pop shops. Whether it is a small luncheon with staff or a corporate call with clients, we have options that will please everyone.

Event Catering

We don’t shy away from events either. We can provide meals and setups for any of life’s events. Whether you are celebrating a new union with a wedding or saying goodbye with a funeral reception, we can tailor your plates and experience to your guests and experience. We can also accommodate birthdays, graduations, or any other major event.

Holiday Catering

Do your holiday party right. If you handle the decorations and the theme, we’ll handle the food. No one likes a holiday party with nothing but chips and dips, but everyone appreciates a delicious selection of deli catered sandwiches. We are more than happy to accommodate our platters for your holiday or religious celebration. We will work with you to make sure your food is as delightful as your party.