Big Three

Best Sandwiches in Los Angeles

We pride ourselves on some of the best sandwiches in Los Angeles. All our ingredients are fresh and from the source. If the ingredient should be shipped directly from Spain, that is where we find it. Our passion for ingredients and quality is what has pushed these three sandwiches to the top of the ladder.

Pastrami Sandwich

The pride of Element 29, complex flavors in a simple package. Our pastrami sandwich is a humble winner. With optional slaw and cheese, the sandwich comes with piles of pastrami, in-house Russian dressing and marbled rye.

Brisket Melt

For the BBQ lover, our brisket melt has it all. We take the best brisket on the market and rub it with our own blend of special spices inspired by African cuisine in ‘ras el hanout’ style. We top this with smoked gouda and a slice of havarti for melty goodness. This is all brought together by our in-house BBQ balsamic onion jam for a BBQ flavor that you’ve never experienced before and won’t soon forget.

Caesar Sandwich

Light and airy, the Caesar sandwich is the right answer for someone craving natural and earthy flavors. We start with dry salami and fresh mozzarella. We then cover it with a refreshing toasted pepitas and pistachio pesto. Once the sandwich has come together, we press it to perfection for the best in health and flavor.